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Blu-Ray MultiregionBlu-Ray Multiregion
Got a question about our Blu-Ray multiregion modifications? Please see the answers below, and if you still have a question don`t hesitate to contact us.

Region Codes:
Region codes prevent the import of movies from one "region" to another. For example, USA & Canada are Region A, And we (UK) are region B. A Region a USA disc won`t play on a Region B player, unless it is hardware modified. With a Blu-ray machine modified to play all Blu-Ray regions, you can then play discs from anywhere shown on the map below! The map shows how the world is split into 3 different blu-ray regions:

 Region code map
Why Do I Want Multiregion?
Just like with DVD players when they were launched in 1997, Blu-Ray movies are usually released first in the USA, then launched in the UK and europe weeks or months later. Also, USA disc releases very often have extra features on the discs. But most importantly, IT IS CHEAPER TO IMPORT A DISC FROM THE USA THEN TO USUALLY BUY IT IN THE UK!

I have an NTSC REGION A only model. Can I make it multiregion?
If it is a SONY or PIONEER model, then yes. If you have a Panasonic Region a machine, then it will not play PAL discs. It is always recommended that you have a Region B machine prior to modification, that way you get true PAL and NTSC playback for ALL REGIONS. This is because Region B machines are region 2 for DVD, and this covers the UK (PAL) and Japan (NTSC). USA machines are Region A/Region 1 for DVD only, and only have to support the NTSC video format. that is partly why DVD/Blu-ray hardware appears cheaper, as it requires less video processing for only NTSC, compared to our dual PAL/NTSC needs for Region B/2. Hope that makes sense!

Will a Multiregion upgrade let me play my copies?
If your player does not currently read copies, then no!

Why can`t I find a code on the internet for my model?
Unlike DVD players, Blu-Ray players have many layers of protection and work in a different way to DVD protection. Blu-Ray models can ONLY be modified by opening your player, and having additional components and memory soldered into them.

Can I upgrade my machine myself?
That depends on your skills, and the equipment you own. Panasonic models are the easiest to modify, Sony and Pioneer are the hardest. All machines require extensive SMT (surface mount soldering) to various points on the mainboard. Sony and Pioneer machines require either firmware chips to be removed, or additional ones to be installed on top of the existing ones along with hardware to switch between them. We offer a fitted service where our upgrades are processionally fitted and come with a lifetime guarantee on the upgrade and related labour. If you fit a DIY kit yourself, you do so at your own risk! If in doubt, please ask!

I want you to fit the upgrade for me. What do I need to do?
Simply select your model, then add it to your order. At checkout, select the "COLLECTION AND DELIVERY" option if you want us to arange collection and return of your player ocne we have modified and tested it. or you can make your own arangements to send and collect your machine, and just pay the upgrade price. JKust make sure you have the machine packed securely, in its original packing if possible, with its original remote. We do not need any other accessories.

Will I loose my warranty on the player?
Yes, as you are physically opening and modifying the machine! We do not guarantee your player after the upgrade, only the modification.

I have a question which is not answered here. What should I do?
Not a problem, just contact us and we`ll help you with your question.
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