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Multiregion DVD Upgrades for Pioneer, panasonic, Sony, marantz, and many more machines from Multiregion Upgrades - specialising in multi region upgrades since 1997 [Click for more info]

DIY Multiregion upgrades for Panasonic models
Instuctions for DIY Panasonic Modifications
Below are examples of the installation instuctions for Panasonic DIY upgrades. These refer to either a Service Remote mod, or a DIY service disc. Full upgrade instructions are included with each upgrade supplied by us. You will only be sent the firmware disc or service remote code for the model you select, so please ensure you order the correct one!

Product Information:

Service Disc based upgrades
    1. Switch on the recorder, open the drawer, and insert the mod disc.
    2. Press Play. After a minute, the disc will stop.
    3. Using the players original remote control, follow the sequence of button key-presses as supplied for your specific upgrade.
    4. Switch the machine into standby. Unplug from the mains.
    5. Plug the machine back in. Installation is complete.
    6. The upgrade is complete. ENJOY!
Service Remote based upgrades
    1. Switch on the unit, wait for "no disc" to be displayed (make sure no disc is inserted!). If a DVD/HDD or DVD/VCR combi, make sure unit is in DVD mode.
    2. Press the transmit key ONCE on the service remote (pressing transmit again will erase the commands!)
    3. After a few seconds, the remote will stop transmiting, and the player will either reset itself, show "loading" or shut down (depending on model).
    4. Unplug the unit from the mains, then plug back in.
    5. The upgrade is complete. ENJOY!
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